The woodcarving industry has flourished in Val Gardena, Italy, in the stunning Dolomites, since the 1700’s. Every winter, families in the valley, many of whom were farmers, would create beautiful woodcarvings. Figures produced in this beautiful region of Italy, close to Austria and Germany, have been recognized around the world for centuries.

Nativities figures are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and coloration. Carved wood figures are generally crafted from Alpine Maple or Lindenwood. Prices noted here are for figures at 12 cm, or approximately 4.75”.  Many other sizes are also available from 10 cm to 30cm, and even life sized. Note that figures from Italy generally take approximately two weeks for international shipping, but can be expedited. Many families start with a selection of figures and add to the collection each year. All prices are subject to change and current Euro exchange rates, and will be confirmed prior to your order being submitted. FREE SHIPPING is included with all nativity figures at 12cm with a minimum order of $300.