For many families collecting our Nativity has become a treasured tradition shared across multiple generations.
For over 30 years, Hestia Creations has been designing, sculpting and dressing their handcrafted Companions Collection Nativity figures
in their Marblehead art studio.  New figures are added each year, as others are retired.

The Companions Collection Nativity is beautifully designed and carefully handcrafted by talented studio artisans.
Each piece is hand molded of bonded marble dust and painted by hand.

Gorgeous textural detail is carefully curated and added to each piece for a realistic and historically authentic feel.
The Nativity collection is a distinctive way to share the magic of the Christmas story with your loved ones and friends.

Companions Collection Nativity is inspired by both the American Folk Art and French Santons traditions and features typical figures that
might have lived in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, along with other historical figures. 
The entire collection is over 50 pieces including biblical and historical figures, and animals.

Please call for current pricing.