In 1900, Richard  and Minna Mahr of Steinach, Germany founded the company for the creation of exquisite figurines.  It was not long before his finally detailed
paper-mache figures were known internationally.  Richard designed all the molds along with Julies Weigelt. 
Despite business being curtailed after the Berlin Wall was erected, in 1990 Mahr’s descendants were able to renew his legacy to the joy of collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.    Marolin figures are made completely by hand with the special mixture of fine paper-mache originally created by Richard. Paper mache traditions go back to the middle of the 19th century. The formula is a careful combination of kaolin, chalk, paper fibers, organic paste and clay. 
Copper wire reinforcement is also used for parts of the figure design.  Individual pieces are cast and hand assembled. 
Painters, all master craftsmen, give the figurines their unique character and vitality with a glowing antique patina worthy of heirloom nativity figures.

The 5th generation of the Mahr family continues to produce the fine items that are sought after around the world…figures that are still made from the finest molds of that genre for over 100 years.   Nativity figures are available in 8 different sizes.  And while similar in gesture and coloration, each size is a distinctive design presentation.  Sizes available are 1.5”, 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, 4.75”, 5.75”, 6.75” and 8.5”. 

All figures are beautifully and carefully boxed.  For more information, visit